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Sensual sex

Feedback from participants from the Sensual Sex Weekend

"The weekend was simply wonderful, I still feel like my heart ❤ and my pelvis are flooded with love. I am in love with life, with my partner and with myself. I didn't expect this strong feeling. I thank you for that , Hubertus and Antonia, my partner who responded to me so sensitively and the entire open group. The seminar is really recommended for people who want to dive deeper into love and experience the pulsating, powerful life in all facets."

"My sincere thanks go to Hubertus and Antonia, who have the openness, honesty and courage to open up this special and valuable space and to keep it attentive, clear and loving, in which I can go on my very personal, deep and intimate journey regions of my femininity and sexuality that were previously unknown to me and were full of shame and taboos. It is very fulfilling, touching and liberating to be and research in a space supported by people, in which everyone is committed to the same quality of being. If this quality is more and more is lived and spills out of the protected space of such a wonderful weekend then there really is change."

"I found it wonderful to immerse myself so deeply in slowness with my loved one - and to do so securely and supported by a loving group as well as first-class instructions and in such a beautiful atmosphere. Thank you all for all your contributions to swinging together and especially to my dear partner her sensitive involvement."

"Our first experience with Sensual Sex overwhelmed us!
We went into this weekend at the wonderfully selected Gauguschmühle without expectations, but with all our hearts and were blessed beyond measure. What was remarkable was the depth and at the same time playful, humorous lightness with which Hubertus and Antonia guided us through this inner work of love. It was clearly noticeable that the content was spontaneously adapted to the needs of the group. A lively, magical, moving, healing seminar that has deepened our heartfelt relationship enormously and enriched our sex life indescribably - although we still have the impression that all these descriptions cannot really do justice to what we experienced...
We'll definitely be back!"

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