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Sensual body flow

For more love in sexuality & more sexuality in love.
​Sensual Bodyflow is about sensual awareness, mindfulness, benevolence, sensitivity, unconditionality, unintentionality, quality of heart and full attention. Touching always takes place with mutual consent. For us, nudity is a sign of freedom and well-being, but not an invitation for invasive touching. Boundaries are respected and observed.​Our aim is to bring more love into sexuality and more sexuality into love.

1) What does Sensual Bodyflow mean?

Sensual Bodyflow is about mindful, deepening touch. About the inner and outer touch. Free of expectations, unconditional and open with full attention – in the here and now. The boundaries of giving and receiving are merging. Those involved feel safe and in good hands.

2) Is Sensual Bodyflow suitable for me?
- Yes, Sensual Bodyflow is suitable for everyone who...

... like to touch yourself lovingly and carefully.
... also like to be touched lovingly and carefully.
... want to talk openly with like-minded people.
... want to bring more love, awareness and slowness into your life.
... want to bring more joy and relaxation into your life again.
... don't have a partner but feel a desire for closeness and tenderness.
... are open to new things.
3) But what if I don't have a partner at the moment?
Especially if you don't have a partner at the moment, physical contact and security are very important. Even simple hugs and cuddling release the hormone oxytocin. It increases self-esteem, feelings of happiness, reduces anxiety and strengthens the immune system and well-being. Physical contact is therefore very important for all of us.

4) What if I no longer feel like having sex?
In Sensual Bodyflow, people come back to feeling more, mindfulness and slowness and can thus find their way back into their sexuality. For fear of not satisfying their partner, men may put pressure on themselves to have an erection. Or women put pressure on themselves if the man doesn't have an erection - that they might not be attractive? Fear and pressure cause stress. Stress creates displeasure and withdrawal. With soft penetration, union is always possible. This feeling relaxes both men and women. And you can grow together together.

5) And what is Sensual Sex?
Sensual sex is sexualaction that can arise from calm. Sometimes also combined with soft penetration. Grow into each other and stay connected for a long time. Increase the pleasure curve together. Stay connected very slowly and without much movement. Feel each other. So that the Yoni absorbs the Lingam and the genders communicate with each other.
To feel your partner. No goal in sight. It's good the way it is. Only when I love myself can I love my partner.
(more about Sensual Sex…)

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