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Self-love & meditation

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Sensual Weekend #1

25. – 27. 10. 2019

Since birth, we are consciously and unconsciously in outer and inner contact with ourselves and others. So the mutual deepening touch is the focus of this weekend together.


  • How do I touch?

  • How do I touch?

  • How would I like to be touched?

  • With what intensity do I touch?

  • What touches me on the outside? What inside?


Before we touch each other authentically, selflessly and with pleasure, we first of all promote self-indulgence and self-awareness. Exercises alone, zu2 and in the group, as well as meditations support us. Self-love then allows us the unconditional, enjoyable, mutual contact that we will celebrate in the ritual.

Deepening days of touch. 

Limited number of participants.

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