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Slow Sex -

Live or consume sex?

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Sensual Weekend #2

17. – 19. 01. 2020

You can make love or feel love - consume sex or integrate sex. Because every person is sexual and pleasurable! However, media spreads many sexual messages that are often incorrect, e.g. "Gender Equality" techniques to achieve the most common multiorgasms possible.


As a result, some men get the pressure to always be strong, potent and positional. Some women experience, in a usually too short time for them to open at all, emptiness with disappointment and frustration with everything that sometimes goes beyond friction or position boundaries. The lovers experience with an average of only 5.4 minutes (study,, 2016) rather weakening and frustration than the desired energization through their shared experience. Slow sex is about regaining access to your very own sexuality. Slowness in sexuality gives more mutual attention and makes unification a common flow, sense, perception and release. It gives both partners security to be good as they are and have nothing to fulfill. No goal to have - no orgasm must be - no pretenses. The man feels more in his masculinity, the woman in her femininity. Woman can give, take and feel in slowness. Here, the boundaries can easily disappear and giving to taking and taking to giving can be.

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