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Regina Heypke-Brandstötter

tanZtric, integral dance and expression therapy, sexological bodywork, kinesiology


At tanZtric you will experience a composition of Kundalini Yoga, the art of tantric breathing and energy directing as well as touching in conjunction with free dancing. 
The mindful framework gives you scope for new sensual experiences with yourself and others. 
Feel welcome to celebrate and enjoy your liveliness with us! 
You can expect a composition of “practices” that we have found to be good, meaningful and enjoyable, joyful, enriching everyday life and sensitizing. 
Each workshop is rearranged and therefore always appears new and different. 
The Kriyas (a sequence of exercises) from Kundalini Yoga help us to activate and feel our energies. Blockages can be released, energies can flow more freely and can be guided through the body with the help of conscious breathing. The goal is to “establish” energy circuits in order to be able to enjoy orgasmic energy for longer, among other things. 
Mindful touching gives us the opportunity to sink deep into our being and to experience infinity. It gives us the attention we need to fully accept ourselves. Touch helps us awaken areas in the body that we would otherwise have difficulty accessing. They support us in becoming more sensitive in consciously perceiving our entire body. We practice the ability to receive as well as the ability to give gifts of touch accompanied by breathing and sounds. 
Free dancing is all about your scope with yourself and others, where you can freely express everything that wants to be expressed at the moment, be it as an impulse from your body or your conscious intention; be it alone or together. The music invites you to do this and gives you impulses. 
We would like to create a space for experimentation and permission with you with all the mindfulness, gentleness, personal responsibility and cooperation that it takes to be as beneficial as possible for yourself and the other participants. 
It's free on Tuesday and with us, Regina and Corina! 
Social educator, integral dance and expression therapist, kinesiologist, training in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing (trauma work), Mom of 3
“I am a passionate friend, have been singing, laughing and dancing since I was a child, enjoy playing with cuddly wool and touch and love exploring hidden, interior landscapes.” 
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