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Antara Dakini

Liberation Dance, Moondance, Tantric dance

ANTARA DAKINI is fully committed to the path of transformation, truth, growth and self-knowledge. She has visited many of Mother Earth's sacred places, from ashrams to indigenous ancient dance ceremonies, where ancient knowledge flowed through her being to connect her with her own wisdom, power and love. She walks and honors the Red Path and the White Path for many lifetimes and thanks both as her greatest "spiritual universities of life."

"I honor all of Mother Earth's Great Masters, Sacred Traditions and Ancestral Wisdom Keepers. They are the ones who remind me to walk my path with love, integrity, acceptance, truth, awareness and compassion." 



When she does her work, Antara enters a deep energy field and becomes an open channel for the wisdom and presence of spirit.


Since her youth, Antara has participated in many dance traditions and carries the devotion to dance deep in her bloodline. She has danced all her life - contemporary dance, African dance, release dance, 5 rhythm dance, fire dance, trance dance and sacred indigenous dances such as Yawanawa, Umbanda, Universal Peace Dance and Moon Dance.

And she is Antara Dakini: founder of Liberation Dance, moon dancer and founder of the Moon Dance Austria Circle, fire dancer, yoga teacher and Oneness Deeksha trainer, intuitive healer, sweat lodge leader, medicine woman and mother of a beautiful star.

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