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Sensual bodyflow

For more love in sexuality & more sexuality in love.
Sensual Bodyflow is not centered around tantra or techniques; rather, it focuses on mindfulness, benevolence, sensitivity, unconditionality, lack of intention, quality of heart, and full attention. Touching always occurs with mutual consent. For us, nudity symbolizes freedom and well-being, but it is not an invitation for intrusive touching. Boundaries are consistently respected and observed. Our objective is to infuse more love into sexuality and more sexuality into love. Sensual Bodyflow revolves around mindful, deepening touch—both inner and outer. Without expectations, it is embraced unconditionally and openly, with complete attention, allowing us to savor the present moment. It serves to blur the boundaries between giving and receiving.
-     How do I touch without expectation, unconditionally and intentionally
-     How do I stay mindful of the moment?
-     How do I give deepening touches?
-     How do I provide sensual security?
-     How do I want to be touched?
-     How do I feel at home in my own body?
We ensure a balanced number of Shivas & Shaktis.
Enjoy letting go without owning.
Be needless and content with yourself...
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