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Sensual body flow

Sensual Bodyflow Day in GRAZ


Saturday, 1/27/24

10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m


Near Graz

Price: €100,-



Gives wings and accompanies
You while flying...


Feel the flow - 
the state where we forget ourselves.

The condition here & Enjoy now.

Let us go beyond time and space 
get into this special flow.

Enjoy letting go without owning.

Be needless and content 
with yourself...

A day to let go, fly, feel, 
Dive in and find yourself.

If you are interested, contact us.
Signal: 0664-3119531

Hubertus & Antonia

Manfred & Esther



For those INTERESTED, click into the general group

Click to register in the group for January 27th.

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