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Manfred Grießl-Proß

Organizer, Gong Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Hawaiian Bodywork

Gong meditation

Come on a meditative journey into your inner world, into yourself, carried by gentle and sometimes perhaps stimulating vibrations that accompany you in your processes. A guided meditation and deepening and integration with sound are the central elements of this journey to you. Letting go and accepting becomes a cosmic ritual.
More about this:
Nada Brahma (Everything is vibration)


Sensual sound
A sensual journey, in word and sound, carried on the vibrations of the healing and reconnecting frequencies of the gong. During this journey across the wings of sound, you will have the opportunity to connect with the universe. You move into the range of alpha waves and perhaps further into theta waves. In the area of theta waves you have stronger access to your subconscious, which can be a powerful tool to support the realization of your desires or the path through inner processes. Feel free to take a sensual topic with you on this healing journey.


Nada Brahma (Everything is vibration)

Information about the gong

DThe sound of the gong creates a deep relaxation by freeing us from the flood of our thoughts. It stimulates the glandular system to work at a higher level. It has effects on the body and the meridians. It releases blockages, reduces tension and strengthens the circulation. The result is …

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