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Ildiko Vegh

Certified tantric masseuse (according to TMV)
Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Workshop 1:

Touch that touches - art of sensual touch Sensually exciting touches that really resonate… a wonderful gift! My workshop is about learning what we can do so that the gift of touch opens the door to pleasure and sensuality for our counterparts. What should I really pay attention to? How does it work that we get to know each other through sensual touch? This is exactly where we will empathize and try out simple exercises on our wonderful bodies. Come to the workshop with a practice partner. Changing partners is possible during the workshop, but not mandatory.


Clothing: comfortable clothing for dancing and moving. There is no full nudity in this workshop, but if your legs, arms and shoulders are left uncovered, you can feel more.

Workshop 2:

Angel Touch for Yoni and Lingam In this workshop you have the opportunity to explore a special quality of Yoni and Lingam touch. It's about a mindful, sensitive and pleasurable approach to the Yoni and Lingam and also about touching them directly. (Yoni only from the outside) With slowness and complete presence we feel what happens when we consciously touch certain points and places and really take our time. Time for the smallest movements, for silent touches, for the development of body sensations, for energy flows in the body. Instead of stimulating, we give sensitive impulses that can awaken and spread waves.


About me


Tantric massage, sex coaching and/or sexological bodywork We humans are lucky. We have the freedom to experience and develop our sexuality the way we want. When we are ready for a journey of discovery through the wonderful world of our body and senses. Good sex can be learned! As a certified sexological bodyworker and sexual coach with training in tantric body work, I have been supporting people on their path to harmonious and fulfilled sexuality for 10 years. In addition to conversations about sexual topics, I use learning methods that focus on body work: breathing, playing with tension and relaxation, movement and touch. Tantric energy and touch ritual for men/women/various Ideal if you want to experience and discover yourself and the power of your energies in a new way in a deeply relaxed state. This can reveal facets of your erotic self that you may have never encountered before. Learning sexuality through body work – Sexological Bodywork Ideal if you want to get to know and try out methods that support you in experiencing your body actively, lively and with pleasure and in feeling it more strongly. My training Life and social counseling /in training under supervision/ (ROK Academy, Vienna) Diploma course Sexological Bodywork (Manumagic, Basel) Sexual Coaching Course (Neal Wecker, Ithaca NY) Tantra massage training (Spiritual Touch, Munich) Tantra yoga and massage course (Körösi Csoma yoga and tantra school, Budapest)

– special tantric yoga techniques

– spiritual teachings of the tantric yoga tradition

– Tantra massage training Training and assistance with Deborah Sundahl (author of the book “Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot”) ​

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