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Hubertus Scheidlberger & Antonia Demmer

Organizer, Sensual Bodyflow, Biodnaza

Workshop 1:

Deepening connection withSensual SLOW6-

the unconsciously conscious sexuality 

the slow union, the soft penetration as meditationn of love, an intensive taste of sensual sex in a protected environment, will be the content of this workshop. 
Sensual Sex is about finding access to your very own sexuality again. Slowness in sexuality gives more mutual attention and makes the union a shared flow, feeling, perception and letting go. It gives both partners security in being good as they are and not having to fulfill anything. To have no goal – no need to have an orgasm – no pretenses. The man feels more in his masculinity without having to perform. The woman feels her femininity and can give, take and feel slowly. Here the boundaries can easily disappear and giving can become taking and taking can become giving. In this way, security and heart find their integration again in being there in love. This promotes the harmony of those connecting and is the basis for everything that may arise from it. 
We will work intimately with a maximum of 8-9 couples - on this topic it is important to be a small group. 
So please check in on time. 
Workshop 2:

Sensual Bodyflow

For more love in sexuality and more sexuality in love 
Sensual Bodyflow is about the ritual of mindful, deepening, inner and outer touch. In full attention to one another, we celebrate the rite of devotion in the here and now, in which the boundaries of giving and receiving can merge. People feel very safe in the lovingly protected framework of the ritual.  
We meet each other without expectations and unconditionally.

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