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Delia Rubick


Into thetitle for integral tantra

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The tantric oil pan - Lliquid gold

This is exactly what awaits you 

Before the ritual begins, we will introduce you to the “rules of the room”. This is how we create an atmosphere of security and safety. There are a few clear rules so that everyone can relax and immerse themselves in the action. With the oil ritual we open up a flowing, sensual, but not sexual space!


What happens in the ritual? 

Imagine you are sitting in a warm room with others, with your eyes closed and listening to soft music. You perceive the sensations of your body intensively. Then warm oil flows over your skin. A moment of special enjoyment. Lightly, sensitively, playfully and full of grace, you now move lying in the pool, alone or in unintentional encounters with others. So you immerse yourself in a very deep, sensual experience and experience a nourishing connection.


We have built a special tub especially for this ritual in which all participants will experience the oil ritual together. With mindfulness and a safe setting through rules and instructions, you will experience security, enjoyment and perhaps even fusion. Let yourself go! 


We hold the space and there is the option to leave the pool at any time. You get support with a show of hands.


What do you experience in the oil ritual? 

The oil ritual is a safe place full of security for you. It is a place where you can let go of your personal fears, where your senses are refined through the experience of touch and you can expand your perception. Nobody can predict what exactly will happen to you on this special journey. Participants report ecstatic, paradisiacal states, experiences of unity but also encounters with their deepest self. No two oil rituals are the same.


Who is the event suitable for? 

The workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced users who want to immerse themselves in this very special experience with playful curiosity and openness. You are ready to enter into mindful contact with others and experience the oil ritual together in a group. You are willing to adhere to the given framework and thus contribute to a safe and mindful framework. You take responsibility for your own boundaries.


Please bring with you 

  • 1 Lunghi (colored cotton cloth for wrapping and covering, approx. 1 x 1.40 m. It is also worn during tantric rituals. If you would like to purchase a Lunghi, visit us at

  • Bathing shoes 

  • 1 towel, which can also get a bit oily 

  • Biodegradable shower gel and biodegradable shampoo + conditioner



About me

I am at home in many worlds, the one I like most is that of integral tantra. My vision led me to founding the Vision Institute for Integral Tantra in Vienna. 
It is very important to me to create spaces in which people can interact with each other naturally and appreciatively again, free of beliefs, ideas and expectations. In my seminars I always create special experiences - breathing journeys, oil rituals, women's circles and massages in which the magic of touch can be experienced.
At the festival we will rediscover our very own nature together and enter into flowing tenderness together with Liquid Gold.
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