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Silvia Erkinger
Qualified life and social counselor
Aspiring sexual counselor/sexological bodyworker
My workshop
Everyone has experienced sexual disappointments in the course of their lives, many of which are stored in the root chakra. In women this often manifests itself through vaginismus, increased period pain, cysts, etc. In men it often manifests itself through impotence, shame, among other things. Listlessness and frustration as well as shame are often the result. These points are reinforced by various negative beliefs and are often/usually the cause of many sexual problems.
I would like to go into exactly these points in more detail and then show how you can reactivate this energy, the kundalini energy. After a short introduction (there is also Tantra topic) I would do pelvic bouncing, 10-20 minutes depending on the group. In the best case, this requires groups of two. I can do the workshop alone but I would also be happy to do it with one of you, ideally a man.
After bouncing, I would like to go into more detail about beliefs that block us and explore the question of how we can transform them positively. what promotes it? 
This is followed by a transition to the sexual organs and educational work. At the same time, I also find it exciting to address the polarities between men and women. On the one hand we are different and at the same time we attract each other.
Please take your lunghi, a seat cushion and a placemat with you.
About me
Even as a child I hadlikes to listen to people and their problems, worries and fears and tries to give joy and hope and support them in this way. This has been a common thread throughout my life so far. Later this also affected sexual problems. I felt this was my gift/mission in life and so three years ago I fulfilled my dream of supporting people professionally through training to become a certified life and social counselor. During my training, my interest in sexuality counseling increased and I began to ask myself questions such as, “What does sexuality mean?” Which person/couples have sex and how? How often? What causes problems in sexuality? What relationship models are there?” etc. It is also important to me in counseling to offer people support if they cannot live their sexuality freely due to beliefs, fears or shame and therefore I would like to offer people opportunities to free themselves from their “shackles”. and lead and accompany them on a journey to themselves, which includes exploring their own wonderful body and regaining self-love and also enables sensual, intimate and erotic sexuality with other people or with their partner. I advise men and women and give workshops.
My working techniques in consulting
  • Empty chair
  • Creative media (stones, drawing, cremation rituals, images…)
  • Body work
I offer:
  • Resource strengthening
  • Work with the inner child
  • Support for relationship crises
  • Working with beliefs
  • Support for sexual worries, shame and fears
My workshops:
I offer educational workshops on the topics of “sexual education for men and women”, “female sexual education”, “female cycle” and “femininity”. It is important to me to show that the topic of sexuality does not have to be a shameful taboo topic for either men or women. We can be proud of what our bodies can do, what life force we have, what attraction we radiate, which at the same time makes us the wonderful beings that we, each and every one of us, are. In addition to my training, I have also been able to delve very deeply into all of these topics in various self-awareness seminars and have also learned a new way to approach myself and other people through Tantra. I would like to pass on this knowledge and at the same time offer a protected environment for questions and exchange.
My training/further training:
  • Qualified life and social counselor
  • Sexological Bodyworker i.A. (ISB-Institute for Somatic Learning, Sexuality and Bodywork
  • Dakini women's training (learning to live femininity, with Astrid Leila Bust, Germany)
  • LoveCreation® annual training 1 (love and relationship training with Astrid Leila Bust and Björn Thorsten Leimbach, Germany)
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