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Cancellation guidelines & agreement

If you are undergoing therapy or psychiatric treatment and need to take medication, please check with your doctor or therapist beforehand and let us know. Illnesses or other health factors that could influence participation must be discussed and clarified with the organizers in advance.


The group is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic care or medical treatment.

Participation in the event is voluntary and therefore also at your own risk.

Each individual participant bears full and sole responsibility for themselves.

Also for all actions during the event inside and outside the group.

At our festival, the trust and protected environment of the participants, the organizational team and the venue are very important. Therefore, all participants, instructors, organizers and helpers agree to absolute discretion and confidentiality towards third parties, people not involved, the media and the like. Silence about group topics, group and couple processes, topics, concerns or problems that are personally communicated or spoken in trust or in sharing groups and which are not allowed to leave the protected, intimate framework of the group.


This weekend, physical touching can also take place outside of individual personal intimate boundaries. I expressly agree that I want this of my own free will. In my actions, I am responsible for maintaining or failing to maintain my personal boundaries and waive any legal remedies and legal claims against other participants, the event location, the club or the organization.

Each participant is responsible for any damage they cause and releases the organization team, event organizer and accommodation provider from all liability claims.


Cancellation conditions

Cancellation must be made in writing by email. In this case, the following deadlines must be observed and the stated percentages/amounts of the event price will be withheld or invoiced:

For non-discounted tickets apply,

• up to 6 weeks before the event: €80 cancellation fee

• up to 30 days before the event: 50% of the seminar fee

• from 30 days before the event: 100% of the seminar fee

However, it is possible, after consultation with the organization team, to name a qualified replacement person who will then cover the entire seminar fee.

Solutions not mentioned will be decided exclusively by the organization team.
Reduced tickets are not covered by the cancellation agreements and will neither be refunded nor taken back in the event of a cancellation.


Consent to data processing according to GDPR:

I agree that the personal data I have provided will be stored and processed for the purposes of contacting me (e.g. information and newsletters), billing in my own interest.

You can give this consent in writing at any time without giving reasons revoked.

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